Luke Nguyen and Thang Ngo

An interview with Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen and Thang Ngo

noodlies, Sydney food blog caught up with Luke at Luke Nguyen’s Cabramatta Long Lunch event yesterday in Cabramatta.  A full post on this even, which is part of the 2011 Sydney International Food Festival to come, soon.

In this video interview, Luke talks candidly about:

  • growing up in Cabramatta
  • his love for the area
  • coming through Villawood hostel
  • his new SBS TV show taking him to the Mekong river
  • Red Lantern and influences on its menu
  • Little Lantern, his charity

I found Luke very approachable, honest and a great interview subject.  What do you think?

Disclosure: noodlies, Sydney food blog is a passion I indulge in after hours.  During the day, I am an employee of SBS, however, not in a food related area.

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